Challenge: Every Child Ready to Read- Talking challenge

Children start to learn language by hearing people talk. Talking helps your baby start to hear the sounds of language and introducing vocabulary to learn what you mean when you speak. Support your child's pre reading skills by completing this challenge. Choose 5 activities to complete this challenge.

When you complete 5 tasks, you will earn 5 points and a badge.

mother and child looking at each other and smiling

Practice your serve and return interactions: When an infant or toddler babbles, gestures, or cries respond with eye contact, words or a hug. Try to "volley" the conversation, much like a game of tennis or volleyball, back and forth 4 times!

These interactions shape your baby's brain architecture and they will receive the positive stimulation they need for healthy development.

Narrate something you do frequently: folding laundry, driving to a favorite place, grocery shopping, etc.

Give your child choices, be sure to point at whatever you are speaking about. Are you giving your child a choice between a banana and an apple? Make sure to point to it and say "banana" or "apple". Talk about the choice they made!

As you are getting your child ready, talk about what you are putting on. Maybe talk about the concepts of on and off when you put shoes on and take them off.

Find words that begin with the letter of your child's first name or a common letter like "M". You can find them in the environment or in a book.

At the end of your day talk about happened. What were the best parts?

Talk about opposites. Show your child examples of hard and soft, big and small, up and down.

Visit the library! Talk about all the things you can do at the library and what you might want to take home.

Talk about colors! Find their favorite colors while you are out and about.

When talking to your child try using new words. Instead of "big" say "enormous", instead of "hot" say "scorching".